#10,000 Words: Hong Kong Photography

They say an image speaks 1000 words, so here is a collection of 10 of my favourite Photo’s from my time in Hong Kong, for when words fail me.
Tilting Lifeguard stand on Shek O Beach.
Looking back at Hong Kong Island and two of the brightly covered Junk ships from the Star Ferry.
Nan Lian Garden With Diamond Hill in the background.
The simply incredible Tai O Fishing village, built entirely on stilts.
Too good not to share twice. Once a thriving fishing hub, the elderly locals are now heavily dependent on tourism as a second form of income.
Climbing to the peak of Lion’s Rock, widely considered the best view in the city.
View from the top.
Path through Nan Lian Gardens, with the Chi Lin Nunnery in the background.
Chi Lin Nunnery, built in 1934 as a retreat for Buddhist nuns.
Unfortunately it was too foggy on the day to snap a good pic of the Tian Tan Buddha, so here is one of the many impressive smaller statues on the road there.

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