20SomethingWords: Creepy Tales #FlashFiction

The Walls Have Eyes

If these walls could talk, oh the things they’ve seen. I just wish they wouldn’t stare at me while I’m trying to sleep.

Creepy Uncle

‘You know you shouldn’t talk to strangers,’ my uncle reminds me as he hurries me past a police officer.


‘You know the rules honey, you have to keep your mask on,’ my mother tells me as we approach the burning cross.

There’s a Monster Under my Bed

I hear the door close behind me as I pretend to sleep. ‘Dont worry, he’s gone now,’ comes the voice from under my bed.


Every morning I wake up to find fingerprints on my bathroom mirror. Strange they always seem to be the wrong way round too.


I awoke this morning to the sound of my dog barking at the back door. What concerned me most wasn’t what he could be barking at, but the fact that we buried him in the backyard this morning.


I have always had an irrational fear of being buried alive. ‘I cant imagine a worse way to die’ I would say, ‘when I go I want to be cremated.’

Say, is it getting hotter in here?

The Fishing Trip

I came downstairs this morning to find a letter from my husband: gone fishing early, will be back for supper xx

Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder, ‘what does the note say honey?’

Bedtime Stories

Each night before bed I read my daughter a bedtime story. As I settle down for tonight’s she looks at me sleepily and says ‘it’s okay daddy, the man already read to me tonight.’

Sweet Nothings

Every morning I wake up to cute little notes on my pillow. Things like ‘I will always love you’ and ‘I am yours.’ I would think it sweet, if it weren’t for the fact I live alone.

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