20SomethingWords: The Shortest of Short Stories #FlashFiction

What We Have

I know what we have. I don’t know what we don’t have, but I know we don’t have it. Which is more important?


Silence is deafening. Night is blinding. Space is confining. A world in negative, where black is white and I am not.

Heart Vs. Head

Isn’t it crazy that the heart and the head exist in constant conflict. Neither really belong to you, what silly lives they must lead.


Love lifts us as helium does a balloon. Misery sinks us as ice does a ship. No wonder the two go hand in hand. How else to stay grounded?

Learn to Unlearn

Learn to talk, learn to walk, learn to love, learn to think, learn to live.

Learn to hush, learn to sit, learn to judge, learn to not, learn to stop.

Depressing Company

Depression hates to be seen. By day he wears my face like a mask. By night he takes it off and hands it back to me.

Cheap Cocktails

You and me. Walking home beneath the street light glow. Barely buzzed on cheap cocktails. If only they told us then, it doesn’t get better than this.

Another’s Bed

I dreamt of you again last night. Such sweet smiles you reserved for me. Does he see the same ones?

Eye of a Needle

I see through they eye of a needle, impossible to thread. each stitch is painful, when you can’t see the bigger picture.


The ground gives way beneath me.

I should take a step back, but I think it

would be







Deep Cuts

A knife to the back is harsh, a dagger to the heart can be tough, but nobody cuts deeper than the man in the mirror.

Degrees of Separation

Six degree of Separation. Why are we so obtuse?

Hidden Horizons

Look down and see light smothered. But lift your head high and you will find even the dimmest of rays forms a new horizon.

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