20SomethingWords: The Shortest of Short Stories #FlashFiction

What We Have I know what we have. I don’t know what we don’t have, but I know we don’t have it. Which is more important? Negative Silence is deafening. Night is blinding. Space is confining. A world in negative, where black is white and I am not. Heart Vs. Head Isn’t it crazy that the heart and the head exist in constant conflict. Neither … Continue reading 20SomethingWords: The Shortest of Short Stories #FlashFiction

1 A.M Thoughts

Ah 1 A.M, hello darkness my old friend. The hour of the night where things start to take a downwards turn. The time when you realise that the house is silent, the street sleeps and sheep are being counted. Yet here you lie. Listening to the deafening tick tock of the clock, or binging your 10th episode of your Netflix sinkhole, or replaying conversations from … Continue reading 1 A.M Thoughts

Diary of a Broken Heart

What is it like Living with Heartbreak? Twice my heart has broken. It never fully heals. Like a broken bone, the hairline fractures will always remain, imperceptibly weaker, slightly more vulnerable. Though the general discourse surrounding mental health is still clouded in awkward discourse, there is a growing acceptance of those suffering with the likes of depression or anxiety. There is a populist desire to … Continue reading Diary of a Broken Heart

#QuarterLifeCrisis – Career Fears

When I’m not writing or reading, I spend much of my days in an absent minded state scrolling aimlessly through job postings and occupation boards searching for a potential future career. After finishing University I had high hopes, I had spent three years doing what I loved, reading and writing in the pursuit of a Literature degree. Once I graduated I decided I wasn’t ready … Continue reading #QuarterLifeCrisis – Career Fears

There’s Something Wrong with Us

There’s something wrong with the way we exist. What is it exactly? its difficult to articulate, it evades capture, stare at the problem too long and it shifts its weight out of sight. The problem exists in the peripheries, its ephemeral, hovering over us like a dim mist, insoluble, incurable, irresolute. We can sense it, fogging our view like condensation on a windscreen, we swipe … Continue reading There’s Something Wrong with Us

52 of the most Unusual, Inspiring and Creative New Years Resolutions

Did you know that an estimated 92% of New Years resolutions end in failure? Hell most of us give up on our resolutions within the first month. Some of the most common resolutions include; eating healthier, exercising more, spending less and learning a new skill. Sure who doesn’t want to be talented, richer, healthier and better looking? The problem is they’re all so…uninspired. Lets face … Continue reading 52 of the most Unusual, Inspiring and Creative New Years Resolutions