The Man With a Crack in His Face (Part 1/3)

John first noticed the crack in his face one Monday morning as he was getting ready for work. It was an everyday sort of day on an everyweek sort of week. John was a fastidiously boring man. A man of routine, regularity and mundanity. He awoke each morning at roughly 6:15, fifteen minutes before his alarm which he diligently snoozed for another day, before rousing … Continue reading The Man With a Crack in His Face (Part 1/3)

#ZerotoHero – We’re in it Together

Blogging from Zero to Hero. We Took the First Step in Isolation. Lets Take the Second Step Together. Before publishing my first blog post I found myself performing a quick google search. A search the likes of which we are all guilty of at least once or twice a week. A search for a beginners ‘how to’ guide. Oh how dependent have we become on … Continue reading #ZerotoHero – We’re in it Together