20SomethingWords: Creepy Tales #FlashFiction

The Walls Have Eyes If these walls could talk, oh the things they’ve seen. I just wish they wouldn’t stare at me while I’m trying to sleep. Creepy Uncle ‘You know you shouldn’t talk to strangers,’ my uncle reminds me as he hurries me past a police officer. Covid-19 ‘You know the rules honey, you have to keep your mask on,’ my mother tells me … Continue reading 20SomethingWords: Creepy Tales #FlashFiction

20SomethingWords: The Shortest of Short Stories #FlashFiction

What We Have I know what we have. I don’t know what we don’t have, but I know we don’t have it. Which is more important? Negative Silence is deafening. Night is blinding. Space is confining. A world in negative, where black is white and I am not. Heart Vs. Head Isn’t it crazy that the heart and the head exist in constant conflict. Neither … Continue reading 20SomethingWords: The Shortest of Short Stories #FlashFiction